Mouve App

Mouve is an app to create social animated stories with a professional look. The app offers hundreds of animated templates to create eye-catching stories. You can add photos and videos to any template. One can share directly from the app to any social platform.

<aside> 📑 Mouve : A platform for creators and brands making social media averts and stories


This case is specific to mouve app as we started as an app and later became a platform available on both web and app

The world of social stories

Today, the potential of social stories feels limited by what platforms are enabled to create.

There is an opportunity here to push those boundaries further and unlocks a new range of possibilities powered by high quality animated designs, so I started to explore the area of animated social stories.

Understanding the problems, competitors, and business goals

I researched data and habits related to animated social stories and current ways of creating these stories. The world of social stories is saturated and it is hard to stand out from the crowd on social media. Content can look similar and standardised.

😓 What do influencers and brands struggle with?

I got in contact with a friend who is an influencer Jay Kapoor and I always used to like the professional aesthatics of his stories so I conducted an informal interview with him to know more about how he create his stories and what makes a certain story stand out.

I began by understanding how the system making stories on social media works and who is involved.

Because different influencers have different levels of involvement with their followers, each type of influencer has different concerns; thus,

I mapped out the roles and relationships to better understand the interactions between each role.

I also listed out all the potential tasks an influencer may have that I learned from shadowing a friend of mine who is also a Tech Influencer - the influencer told us each role exists as a profession, yet it's not uncommon for influencers to be juggling all of them at once!